Top Monsters Movies of 2016

Most horror movie fans were somewhat disappointed in 2015 but the monster movies for 2016 will for sure make up for last year’s let downs. Some of the monster movies and monster movies series that have already been released and those to be released in the course of 2016 will leave you seating on the edge of your seat. Here are some of the most impressive horror movies of 2016.

The Forest

This movie is set in a Japanese forest, which is an actual real life forest named Aokigahara that is infamous for the numerous suicides recorded here. In this movie, a young American girl goes searching for her twin who had vanished in the forest and that is when the thrilling story unfolds as she comes face to face with haunted souls manifesting as monsters ready to prey on any intruder. One of the most fascinating monsters movies of 2016

Pride and Prejudice zombies

This movie is based on the bestselling parody novel by Seth G. Smith. What makes this one of the must watch of the 2016 monsters movies is how the storyline is concoction of love and horror. The intricate plot revolves around soon to be married lovers, Elizabeth and Darcy, and how they have to face a zombie outbreak that threatens to bring the society to a collapse. This would be a great story to spin into monstersmovie seriesbut for now, we just have to be satisfied with the movie.


Viral has earned a slot on the top ten monsters movies. It is a story of a virus outbreak that wipes out half of the earth population and a young girl that has to face the dilemma of abandoning her infected sister or risking to stick with her while facing the risk of being infected as well.

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