Top 10 Tips to Make You Interesting in Front of Strangers

Who doesn’t want to look smart in front of strangers? Be it an interview or a date, the first impression can make or break the deal. Without confidence or the right strategy, you could end up falling in front of strangers. Here are the top 10 tips to help you get off on the right footing.

Dress up

Clothes maketh the man. Or woman! A well-dressed person instantly makes him or her approachable and influences others. When you are dressed to the occasion, you automatically become more confident and less self-conscious – two key aspects to look smart in front of strangers. Clothes and accessories are not just for comfort or protection. They can be great conversation starters too.

Be creative

To avoid falling in front of strangers, don’t give a boring introduction of your name and job. Instead, try and make it warmer to draw others in and start a conversation. For example: If you are a receptionist you could say “I meet and guide interesting people every day at my company.” Of course, it doesn’t have to be cheesy. You could add something unusual about what you do to your job title to make it more interesting.

Watch your body language

Learning about body language can be interesting tips for in front of strangers  as that can reveal more than words. To look smart in front of strangers, practice better body language. Having a good posture, that is upright, makes you look appealing. Looking people in the eye assures them that you are paying attention. Make sure it does not come off as staring though. Not crossing your arms and legs when you meet someone makes you seem open and engaged. Giving a firm handshake indicates confidence and control.

Tap your inner humor

One of the interesting tips for in front of strangers is to be funny. Humor rubs off on people and instantly establishes a rapport with others. Remember the things that make you laugh. Chances are that the same things make the other person laugh as well and offer a way to make a conversation interesting.

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